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In addition to giving Oracle Card and Colour Readings, or Sound Therapy, Kitty has always enjoyed crafting in some guise or another, and she has developed a wide range of individual gifts for you to peruse.  Be sure to scroll right to the bottom of the page - there is so much to explore.   

For individual items/prices, please click on the 'Add to Basket' button to make your selection.

All items shown below are currently available to purchase.


Fairy Doors

Beach Dream
Aqua Marina
Festive Pixie Boots

Channeled messages from my guides help me to create these little windows of magic into other worlds.  Every fairy door has its own unique name and identity in the knowledge that its ‘forever home’ will come along at precisely the right time for that message to be shared.  

I often use natural adornments such as seaweed, shells and sea glass from my local beach, naturally shed feathers and mosses, and can even include crystals and air plants when available.  

Bespoke Doors

If you would like a Fairy Door made just for you, all I would need are a few details from you around colour / preferred theme etc. and I would let my guides do the rest.  Prices start from £8.50.  'Contact Me'

All photographed Doors are sadly no longer available to buy, but are shown here as examples of my work

'Beach Dream' - uses real seaweed, shells and natural seed pods together with wood shavings, before giving it a bit of 'bling' by using complimentary coloured feather and diamante crystals

'Aqua Marina' - shows two dancing dolphins

'Festive Pixie Boots' - Matching red pixie boots with wooden red and gold holly leaves, embellished with red diamante flowers

'Feather Dance' - Made from a Fairy Door Kit (see below), using natural wood curls, feathers, wooden birds and blue fairy dust 

'Winter' - One of my most popular, early doors.  Made using papier mache to create the trees and snowy drifts in winter

'Golden Clock' - Golden cogs inter link to give the impression of a clock in the top of the door.  Enhanced with metallic golden ribbon and red baubles

'Tinsel Dove' - A very festive door with a beautiful feathery dove nestled in a trio of silver bells and surrounded by red tinsel

'Silver Tiptoe' - A gentle silver fairy dances under an arch of festive symbols and highlighted with silver glitter

Feather Dance
Golden Clock
Tinsel Dove
Silver Tiptoe

Fairy Door Kits

Fairy Door Kit.JPG

If you would prefer to make your own doorways to other worlds, why not look at getting a kit which costs £6.00 and includes a basic wooden door, a selection of wooden shapes (including your fairy), and coloured embellishments from rhine stones, and coloured feathers, to fairy dust.  The finished door to the left of this image gives an idea of what can be achieved from a kit.

All you need to add is your own paint, some PVA glue and a bit of fairy magic to create your own special window.

If you would like anything specific included in your kit, 'Contact Me'.  I shall always do my best to accommodate you, but prices for personal choices may vary depending what is required. 

Trinket Boxes


A different dynamic to magical worlds.  Often hand painted, or covered with other things like silk leaves, ribbons, or even snakeskin.  Some boxes with mandala type lids, lend themselves to having diamante gems embedded into a resin overlay which gives them a high gloss finish and a bejewelled appearance. 

Hand Painted Oval boxes £6.50 each

Jewelled Top Mandala Box £8.00 each


Festive Flower Box £4.50 each  


'Contact Me'


Smudge Fans

Small Colour Fan.jpg

Many have been made using naturally shed feathers from all sorts of birds from jackdaw, pigeon and magpie, through to pheasant and swan.

I have also been very lucky to acquire some rare naturally shed feathers direct from conservancies and sanctuaries I have visited, which include Red Tailed Hawk, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Red Kite, Steppe Eagle, Buzzard, Turkey Vulture and Lanner Falcon to name but a few.  Pricing for using these feathers is available upon request.

Feathers are mounted onto pieces of driftwood from the beach, or naturally shed roe deer antlers and I also use a range of other smaller ethically sourced feathers, along with sheep skin remnants and coloured ribbons for greater embellishment.  

Fan sizes and prices vary depending on the feathers used and how they are mounted but would start from £20 for something like the small colourful fan at the top.  This is 10" long in total and has a variety of coloured goose feathers matched with three pheasant feathers and a colourful ribbon, and is mounded on a Roe deer antler.  This particular one is not for sale, but I can make something similar upon request. 


The other pictures show some larger fans which are all currently available to buy 

1 - 16" long with a barred turkey feather, swan and jackdaw feathers. Trimmed with sheepskin and mounted on a piece of driftwood. Cost £25.00

2 - 13" long with a beautiful black edged white feather from a magpie as it base, and is matched with one swan feather and wood pigeon. Mounted on a Roe deer antler.  Cost £35.00

3 - 15" long with two barred turkey feathers, jackdaw and swan, and is finished off with two beautiful oriental duck feathers.  Mounted on a Roe deer antler.  Cost £40.00

4 - 13" long and has pheasant and swan feathers with two pigeon feathers and a beautiful fluffy peacock feather to finish it off. 

Mounted on a Roe deer antler.  Cost £35.00

Please 'Contact Me' if you would like more information

Silver Charm Earrings

Earrings x6.JPG

Made with ethically sourced Tibetan silver charms, fitted onto Sterling silver hooks.  A wide variety of charms are available - Current selection as photographed below.

Prices start at £7.50 per pair.  Additional charms on chains can be added for more impact and would be charged accordingly.  


Please 'Contact Me' if you would like anything made specially



Hobo Bag
Tote Bag
Make Up Pouch

I have been making things for friends and family for many years and I have become a bit of a magpie for collecting all sorts of remnant fabrics, including some leather pieces, which can be used to create anything from small purses and make-up pouches to simple tote bags and on to larger single compartment hobo bags.

Hobo Bags

All Hobo bags are large single compartment bags made using re-purposed fabrics with button and loop closure in the top centre of the compartment.

Bags measure 16.5" (42cm) wide by 12" (30cm) deep, but hang 32" (80cm) from top of shoulder to base of bag.

Cost £12.50

Tote Bags

All measure 14.5" (37cm) wide by 16" (41cm) long with 25" (63cm) long handles. All fold up nicely to keep in your handbag.

Every bag has its own unique character and stitching so it completely unmatched to anything else I have made.

Cost £3.50

Make Up Pouch


Single compartment, zipped pouch measuring 12" (30cm) wide by 7" (18cm) deep.  These are made with roughly a 2" (5cm) base.

Cost £7.50

Sundry other creations

I just love crafting and dip in and out of all sorts of interesting things.  Drum Beaters, Wooden Wall Hangings, Upcycled Horseshoes ... Please see my Gallery for photographs of the things I have made in the past.  If you would like more information on anything you see, please ask for more details and I shall endeavour to help as much as I can.

The following items are all currently available to purchase.


Drum Beaters


These are made using driftwood, or wood cut from the trees in our garden - usually Ash or Willow.  They have real leather beater heads which are adorned with beads and fringes.  Each one is different but if you have something specific in mind, or would like me to make one for you, please 'Contact Me' and I will endeavour to help.

Roughly 13" long (excluding fringing)



Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden words to inspire and enlighten.  Each one is unique.

All roughly 3" high, but widths vary from 7" to 9" depending on the word.

All £4.50


Upcycled Horse Shoes


Genuine Horse Shoes - Some of which are from large horses so are heavy. All have been cleaned and painted using Hammerite Smooth Silver Paint to prevent rusting.

Real leather thongs and beads adorn these pieces, and some also have small silver charms attached.



Medicine Pouches


These lovely little pouches are based on traditional Native American Indian items. Each one is made from leather, stitched with natural raffia with chip crystals threaded in.  Closure is a small wooden oval threaded through a hole on the front flap.

It is said that native people kept sacred items in these pouches to bring them luck and good fortune, and often included items such as crystals, healing herbs and resins. What will you keep in yours?

All measure approximately 4" (10cm) wide by 5" (13cm) long. 

All these ones have now been sold, but I would be happy to make something to your own requirements.  Please 'Contact Me' for more details.

Wrist Key Fobs


All made with cotton remnants and have lobster claw clasp for keeping keys and other small items safe and easy to find in bags, or while out walking.

Loads of fabrics available, including seasonal / festive ones so please ask if you would like a specific colour or theme.  Can be made to match Face Mask if required ... ... see below for Face Masks 

Will be selected at random, unless specific colour choice is required.  Please 'Contact Me' for more details.


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