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PLEASE NOTE - All training is currently given face to face in Titchfield 

Lotus Chakra Course

This fabulous course is a personal journey to discover how our Chakras affect our body, mind, and emotions, our past, present, and future.  We discover how our Chakras affect our relationships, particularly with our parents and partners.  How our ego can be responsible for our weight issues and how we view the world.  As the course unfolds you will learn how all your past experiences have shaped how you behave and react to situations and people.  This amazing knowledge will provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself, giving you a new appreciation for who you are.

The course duration is 10 weeks of 2 hours per week and is offered at 2 different rates.

Group rate - £175 

With this option, you will work as part of a small group of like minded souls who also wish to understand more about how their life experiences have shaped them.  You will often find that everyone on the group will have come together for a reason - usually there will be a common theme that helps them to appreciate that they are not alone in their feelings.  This group work can be beautifully healing and reassuring for all.

Scheduled FACE TO FACE Group Training Dates:

June 5th 12th 19th and 26th

July 3rd 10th 17th 24th and 31st

August 7th

Training Venue in Hill Head near Fareham

Online dates TBA

If you would like to reserve a place please 'Contact Me'

1:1 Personal Tuition - £275 

This is a premium service option which will offer you a fuller, more personal focus as you progress through the course, with extra spiritual support and angelic healing where needed.  This may suit anyone who would prefer a more private option or finds that the group times are not suited to their lifestyles.

Dates and times can be arranged at the time of booking your course.

Please 'Contact Me' if you would like more information

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Angelic Lightworker - First Degree - £140

The Art of Reading Angel Oracle Cards


Enhance your life by developing your skills in the use of Oracle Cards.  Whether you have used them before or are new to this, the knowledge can change your life. 


This course is offered to anyone wishing to create a happy and harmonious life by connecting and working with the Angelic Realms.  It will teach you how to give Angel Readings for yourself, friends and family with confidence and grace, and enable you to enjoy a deeper connection with the Angels.  You will also learn how to give wonderful healing Angel Therapy.

Course duration - 2 days 10:00-16:00 

Dates - Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June

Training Venue in Catisfield near Fareham

Must attend both dates to complete the course

PLEASE NOTE - While it is planned that this course will be run as face to face group sessions, I reserve the right to run this on line via Zoom, if bookings will not cover costs of room hire.

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Angelic Lightworker - Second Degree - £185

Continue your Angelic Lightworker journey and develop your Angel Reading skills further.  Learn how to give full Angel Readings with confidence.  Extend your Angel Therapy knowledge with

empowering Cord Cutting to release negative influences.  Create a deeper connection with more of the Archangels, and learn how to give Angel Readings using Ribbons.


But thats not all ... ...

Course duration - 2 days 10:00-16:00 

Dates - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September

Training Venue in Catisfield near Fareham

Must attend both dates to complete the course

PLEASE NOTE - While it is planned that this course will be run as face to face group sessions, I reserve the right to run this on line via Zoom, if bookings will not cover costs of room hire.

AL 2 (2).png

Angelic Lightworker - Third Degree - Master Practitioner - £235

Take your Angelic Lightworker journey even further to deepen your connection with the Angels and your Angel Reading skills.  Learn how to give beautiful Angel Readings simply by tuning into your clients Angel.  Add to your repertoire be giving mediumship readings as well as using psychometry.  

Enhance your Angel Therapy techniques by learning to give the ‘Deck Chair’ exercise.

And More!

Course duration - 2 days 10:00-16:00

Dates: TBA

Must attend both dates to complete the course

For anyone who has completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Angelic Lightworker Programme, and would like to go on to teach this amazing programme, I am also able to offer Level 4 - Master Teacher.  Please ask for more details.

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Meditation Workshop - £66


What do you know about Meditation?


Firstly, it’s not all about sitting cross legged on a cushion watching a candle flame and chanting Ohm.  Although that can work for some people, most find that can be difficult so are not able to switch off their minds enough to really relax.

Treat yourself to an amazing day, learning about the different types of meditation, and find out what works for you so you can fully appreciate the benefits of this gentle and ancient art.   This wonderful, relaxing day will enable you to improve many aspects of your life.

Course duration - One day 10:00-16:00

Dates for 2024

Saturday 25th May 

Saturday 6th July

Saturday 24th August

Saturday 5th October

Saturday 23rd November

Training Venue in Titchfield

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Munay Ki - £60 per session*


The nine Rites of the Munay Ki were first given to ancient teachers by angelic beings and are based on a series of shamanic initiations from the Andes and the Amazon.  They are now passed on from teacher to student in the form of seeds.  Once these seeds are gifted to you by another, it is up to you to grow them into fruit-bearing trees.  The traditional fire ceremony is used to grow your Rites once received.  

During this course, you will be shown how to open environmental and personal sacred space, how to hold your own fire ceremony and be encouraged to create your own altar, or sacred space, while being fully supported through your journey.  Each Rite brings you closer to understanding who you are within this changing world.  No previous experience or knowledge is required, but the seeds of light that you will receive will help you to connect with the lineages of luminous beings that have walked this plane before.

The course is delivered over a number of sessions – the first session is given on a specific date and is usually a longer session.  This will be followed by four or five more sessions of about 2-3 hours each, although actual session times may vary depending on the size of the group.   All subsequent sessions are agreed as a group on day one and will be scheduled over a period of up to nine months. 

* PLEASE NOTE - The nine rites of the Munay Ki are offered free of charge.  The fee quoted is for coaching time and support during the changes you will go through as you receive the rites - not for the Munay-Ki itself.

If you are interested in receiving these ancient rites, please  'Contact Me'

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