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I am committed to being professional and ethical ... As such, it is important to mention that I am not in a position to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition, and any therapies offered are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment.  My intention is purely to help you find ways to relax and find harmony which, in turn, will help to encourage the body to regulate and heal itself.

Sound Therapy

I am a qualified Sound Therapist who uses sound to bring you an opportunity to still your mind, body and soul.

In an age where stress and anxiety are all too common, the simple power of sound therapy presents a remarkable opportunity for restoration and balance.  Sound can be used to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and enables healing at so many physical and emotional levels.  Music is sound ... Sound is vibration ... and vibration is everything that exists.

Particular sound patterns, including solfeggio frequencies, interact with your brain to generate vibrations in your body.  The vibrations can have positive mental, emotional, and physical effects, which may result in a state of calm, relaxation, stress relief, and even better sleep.


Our bodies are 65-70% water, which makes them perfect for responding to resonant sound.  Everything we hear throughout our day, vibrates at a different frequency but some of these frequencies are harmful long term and, over time, our bodies begin to feel a sense of dis-ease.


By using a wide range of instruments, I am able to paint pictures in your mind using sound, enabling every cell in your body to resonate at a healthier frequency.  In turn, this helps you to relax and recharge your batteries.

Click here to hear the gentle Koshi Chimes, bringing in the elements of Fire Earth Air and Water.

small chimes 2.JPG

It was a pleasure, and an honour, to learn with (in my opinion) the best team in the industry - Tim Wheater and Cherub and, after spending time at their amazing facility in London, I became a graduate of their Resonant Sound Healer Training Course.  (See here for more details*)

My collection of shamanic drums, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, rattles and chimes has expanded to include a 32" symphonic gong and a wide assortment of other beautiful instruments which I use as my guides direct me.  


1:1 Sound Therapy session costs £45. 

Treat yourself to an indulgent priority service which offers a bespoke session focussing on clients individual needs.   My set of tuning forks allows me to focus precise frequencies where they are needed to sooth and relax you, and bring your energy centres (chakras) into greater alignment.  A range of other instruments may be used to enhance your experience.

Interested in private group sessions instead? 

If you have a regular group meet up and feel like something a bit different, please 'Contact Me' for more details and pricing.  Group sizes would depend on the venue capacity and may limit the range of instruments I am able to bring.

Please note that travel costs may be applied if venue is more than 5 miles from Titchfield.

(* Reference to Tim and Cherub made with their full knowledge and approval)

MASTER Sound Image.jpg

Click here to hear a short example of some of my instruments - like a mini sound bath.  Find a quiet space, to relax and allow yourself to be taken on a journey of sound for a few minutes ... Enjoy.

Sound Meditation Flier.png

If you would like to experience how sound can help you to relax, why not come along to one of my one-hour group Sound Relaxation Therapy sessions at the Catisfield Memorial Hall and find out for yourself.  They are held on the dates shown, from 7-8pm.


Some of the feedback received from past sessions include:


“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt very relaxed afterwards.”

“Loved the Gong and Sea sounds.”

“I loved the feeling of being completely relaxed and weightless.”


You are encouraged to bring your own mat / blankets / pillows etc to ensure you are relaxed.  If you find it difficult being on the floor, there are chairs available but you may choose to bring your own so you are more comfortable.

If you would like to know more, please 'Contact Me'. 

Places must be booked in advance to ensure that we can wait for any late comers so as not to interrupt the energy once we have started.  Anyone arriving late without having booked a place, will not be allowed to enter as doors will be closed.


Transparent Auromatouch.png

The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of essential oils to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience and is an excellent way to immediately reduce feelings of stress and promote relaxation.  However, it can also have very deep emotional effects, with some clients commenting that they have felt unsettled for a couple of days following the session.  This is all part of the healing process as it helps to peal back the layers of dis-ease, on a path to cleanse the body.

The Hand Massage offers the same levels of well-being but in a more easily accessible way.

As a Wellness Consultant for doTerra I am able to offer AromaTouch sessions as follows:

AromaTouch™ Hand Massage takes about 10 minutes - £10

AromaTouch™ Full Body Massage takes 45-60 minutes - £55

Each person creates their own reality through their thoughts and emotions which, if negative, can manifest as ill health, including aches and pains, diseases, physical conditions and mental health issues.  Angel Therapy is a way of helping to bring about well-being within a person, by connecting with the Angels and inviting them to conduct the healing process.

Angelic Vacuuming

One way to help clear blockages is to use Angelic Vacuuming.  During this short session, I would call upon both Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help locate and cleanse areas blocked or negative energy, so they can be released to allow better flow of energy.

Angelic Cord Cutting

Etheric cords occur between everyone and the relationships they have, now as well as in the past.  All the time a relationship is healthy and happy the cords will be healthy carrying positive energy between them.  If the relationship is not healthy, or has unhealthy aspects, the cords will create a draining effect on one or both people so, by using Angelic Cord Cutting, it may be possible to help the healing process.  Again, I would call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help guide me through this process.  It is completely safe, and painless and I would talk you through every step so you know what is happening and why.  It is possible that you will feel a release of emotion during this session, and that is completely natural.  Trust that your energetic equilibrium will be restored. 

Deck Chair Exercise

There may be times when you feel someone is putting you down, or making you feel inadequate.  For times like this, there is the Deck Chair Exercise.   The aim of this exercise is to help empower you, and it can be done as often as needed; especially if there is an on-going issue or a situation where more confidence is needed.


All of these beautiful Angel Therapy sessions should be done 1:1 and cannot be carried out in groups due to the personal nature of the connection

If added on to your personal reading or therapy session - £10

If required as a separate / stand alone session - £15

Angel Therapy

ITeraCare Image.jpg
iTeraCare Wand.jpg



As I already work with frequencies in a variety of ways including Sound, Colour and Pure Essential Oils, I felt it right to take this step into the Quantum age.

The 'iTeraCare Device' integrates three top technologies ... Terahertz, Quantum and Optical Quartz.  It has been stringently tested, inspected and certified by numerous organisations worldwide and has five amazing main features:

1 - Penetration - Non-consumable, non-contact and non-invasive.  Terahertz penetrates deep into the body's tissues, reaching into the bone marrow and enhances blood circulation

2 - Activation - Terahertz waves resonate with our body cells to activate them and strengthen our DNA

3 - Identification - Repairs damaged cells and tissues affected by free radicals

4 - Safety - Non-ionising, safe to use with peace of mind and zero radiation

5 - User Friendly - Easy and convenient to be used daily, on infants to adults and even the elderly

Some of the benefits of using the iTeraCare Device include:

  • Relief of pain caused by muscle stiffness and strain

  • Relieves eczema, insect bites, itchiness and skin problems

  • Strengthens metabolism and improves circulation

  • Reduces fatigue and improves sleep

  • Improves varicose veins and blood statis

  • Relieves gastrointestinal problems

What is Terahertz?

Terahertz wave frequency is found between the far infra-red and microwave.  When cells are stimulated by Terahertz frequency, they rapidly transfer energy into the body which activates inert cells.  Scientific research shows that this is completely safe for the body cells absorption.  The principle treatment of iTeraCare, is to unclog capillaries to enhance the body and cells to function healthily.  These waves can penetrate 20-30cms into body, reaching the bone marrow which improves blood circulation and strengthens our immune system by resonating at the same frequency as normal human cells.

It is strongly recommended that the duration of therapy sessions, is built up over a number of visits to allow the body to process these changes.  Initial sessions should be no more than a few minutes, but can be built up over time to a maximum of 30 minutes.

(A 30-minute session of body regulation using iTeraCare, is equivalent to:

10 sessions of acupuncture or 40 sessions of massage.)

Prices start from as little as £5

Want to experience this 'Magic Wand'?  'Contact Me'

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