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Energy Clearing Goddess Sprays

My lovely range of Energy Clearing Goddess Sprays can be used any time, any place, anywhere (sorry Martini), to refresh and revive energies in your room, on your clothes ... even use as a personal fragrance. 


Made with magnetised mineral water, pure essential oils and real chip crystals, each one has been blessed with its own energy and mantra to help you face the stresses of every day life.

These little bottles of joy were launched at the Green Fair near Droxford on Sunday 5th September 2021 and have proved to be extremely popular.  Each 60ml bottle costs £15.00.  Please 'Contact Me' if you would like more information.

Comment from Bev Barter on SPtv On Line chat show - 27th March 2023

"I use Kate’s 'Relax' spray for angelic reiki and 'Enlightenment' for crystal readings and they are amazing xx"

Other testimonies for these little pocket power houses can be seen on my 'Testimonials' page here.


A Bit About Essential Oils

Synthetic fresheners can interfere with the body's natural balance and can be harmful, or even toxic, if used to excess.  Some high street essential oils can still have harmful compounds and additives in them, so be sure to seek out the purest grade you can, to ensure they are safe for the whole family.  The purer the oils, the less you need to use, but there are still considerations to be made about which oils to use and where.  Some fragrances may irritate the respiratory system of an asthmatic for example, and higher concentrations may not be tolerated by young children, so it is recommended that you adjust the amounts you use to ensure greatest comfort.  Also, it is worth mentioning that some smells can be overwhelming for pets and some may be more susceptible to toxicity.

Oils can be used in so many different ways - Apply a few drops to a scarf or other item of clothing to enjoy the aroma all day long.  Put a few drops onto dryer balls and toss into your dryer or hang them in your shoe storage area.  Add a few drops to distilled water and use as a room spray.  Use the blends as perfumes or add a few drops to your diffuser to enliven your living area.  Bring about a greater sense of well-being by using Pure Essential Oils to help clarify many aspects of your life. 

How about having your own blend made especially for you?

Prices will vary depending on the oils used in your blend, the size of the bottle you want, and the intended purpose of your blend, but I shall always send you a quote before I make anything so you can be sure you get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford.

Bottle sizes available

1ml or 2ml - usually used as sample bottles with either dropper or roller ball.  Ideal for concentrated blends which need to be used sparingly.

5ml, 10ml or 15ml - available as dropper or roller ball.  

Consider what you want to achieve by using your blend:

Do you need to help support your immune or respiratory systems?  

Do you need to relax or be uplifted?

Do you need help with headaches, back pain, sleep?  

I can make blends to help with most things as well as supporting your emotions, life in general, relationships, and children ...

How about a different smell for each of the seasons ...

Please 'Contact Me' with a few details.  Let me know if there any any smells you particularly like, or dislike, or if there is anything you may be allergic to, and leave the rest to me.  I shall develop a blend that is completely unique and just right for you, that can be used in any of the ways listed above.

All the items listed below are currently available to purchase direct.

Lip Balms - Poor image.JPG

Lip Balms

Made with natural raw ingredients including Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Jojoba Oil, and flavoured with Pure Essential Oils.  Each heart shaped pot weighs approximately 7g

£2.50 each 

Lemon and Raspberry
Lemon and Thyme
Peppermint and Spearmint
Orange and Grapefruit


Bath Oils

Made with Pure Essential Oils blended into Grape Seed Oil. 

Each bottle is 50ml.  Allow a few drops to fall under running warm water 

£8.00 each


Orange, Black Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom


Diffuser Oils

Made with Pure Essential Oils blended into Fractionated Coconut Oil. 

Each bottle is 10 ml.  Use up to 8 drops in 100ml of water in your diffuser


'Fresh Air'

Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lemon and Lime

'Holiday Glow'

Cinnamon, Fir and Orange


Lemon, Basil and Spearmint

'Winter Wonderland'

Frankincense, Orange and Peppermint


Annointing Oils

Made with natural dried herbs and Pure Essential Oils blended into Sweet Almond Oil.  Use as required.

Each bottle is 10 ml 

£3.50 each








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